Meet Jenn & Keith

Hi I'm Jenn and I'm very excited that you stopped by!

I know that when it comes to your wedding photography you have so many choices and I want to help make that decision easier for you! Photography has always been a passion of mine, I studied photography at Ryerson University and have my degree in photographic arts. I apprenticed with a studio prior to opening my own and I'm an active and accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC).

Wedding photography is about so much more than pushing a button and my clients have told me over and over again how much I've helped them on their wedding day and this is because I'm so much more than just your photographer. I'm your time keeper, your support team, your cheerleader, I've sown bridesmaids into dresses, pinned boutonnieres, buffered those driving the bride or groom nuts, organized distracted families and captured amazing moments! I help all my clients through until the end with any photography decisions because you hired me! I don't believe in leaving you to make all these difficult decisions yourself which is why most of my clients complete their collections within 6 months of their wedding day.

I believe your wedding should be fun and the last thing you should worry about is your photography! As a professional I know when to be unobtrusive and I know when to bring out my personality to get the best expressions. For these and many more reasons I know I can help make your wedding day special!




Hi I'm Keith and I'm pleased to see you found us!

As the illustrator I primarily focus on creating fantastical artwork for amazing clients like you that want something a bit different for their wedding reception display piece. I love collaborating with you to come up with your personalized illustration and know that what we create you'll proudly hang in your home or office!

I'm also always behind the scenes ready to answer questions when I can about your wedding day photography concerns when Jenn is unavailable. Between the 2 of us we're pretty quick on responding!

I'm also a classically trained artist and have studied art for many years and worked in many disciplines from graphic design, animation and children's and comic book illustration. My passion for drawing has led me to this amazing career path that I could not have foreseen in a million years!